Option Enfance offers various trainings and workshops in the workplace, tailored to your specific needs and interests.


Our workshops are designed for teachers, school staff, parents and pediatric caregivers.


Our dynamic and experienced occupational therapists can offer concrete tools and solutions, provide answers to all your questions as well as enrich your knowledge about child development.

Some workshop topics offered in daycare settings:

Some workshop topics offered in schools:

Some workshop topics offered to parents and caregivers:

A Different Development: Where to Start?

Understanding Developmental Coordination Disorder and its Daily Impacts

Understanding the Sensory Profile to Promote Child Development

Picky Eaters & Problem Feeders: Feeding Strategies for Difficult Eaters

Fine Motor Skills, Pencil Grasp and Handwritting: How to support students

Sensory Processing Challenges and Their Impact on Daily Activities 

Adapted Material in Schools: When, How and Why?

Developmental Coordination Disorder or Motor Dyspraxia: The Importance of Early Detection 

Supporting Child Development: The Most Important Stages of Child Development from 0 to 5 years old 

Tips and Tricks for Childcare Educators: Tools to promote Group Functioning


The Power of Play: Engaging Children in Play to Promote Child Development

The Highly Sensitive Child: Understanding the Sensory Profile to Promote Development

Picky Eaters & Problem Feeders: Approaches for Group Meals

Please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a service offer that meets the specific training needs of your setting.

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