In 2016, we celebrated 20 years of experience in pediatrics working in the child's natural environment. Our occupational therapists use specialized approaches and targeted assessments based on the child's needs. We are committed to using the best tools, current evidence and our knowledge and experience of the health care system to deliver the best interventions. At Option Enfance, you are in good hands. 


All our occupational therapists are members of the Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec (OEQ) and the Association québécoise des ergothérapeutes en pratique privée.


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Vanessa Bélanger


As a 2014 graduate of the University of Ottawa, Vanessa joined Option Enfance in January 2017. Vanessa takes the time to listen to your child’s needs and likes to use a variety of fun interventions that focus on the child’s interests. Warm and passionate, she is committed to promoting occupational therapy in preschool and school settings.

Marianna Beshay


As a 2008 occupational therapy graduate, Marianna has a wide range of experience. She started her professional career in engineering and then made a shift to occupational therapy to get closer to her altruistic side. She discovered pediatrics after other detours in her professional path (adult acute care and geriatrics homecare). Her passion for pediatrics, her wide range of experience and her thirst for learning drive her to give the best of herself to support children and their families. Marianna believes that active listening, empathy, creativity and the involvement of the child in their development are the basis for the success of any occupational therapy intervention.

Vanessa Bouvrette

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Dynamic and passionate, Vanessa joined the Option Enfance team in 2008 and is known for her creativity and innovative ideas. Vanessa has an approach marked by vivacity and humor that she conveys to everyone around her. She is passionate about promoting occupational therapy in schools and disseminating knowledge about our profession. 

Nathalie Dinelle

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Graduate of the Master’s program at the Université de Montréal in 2008, Nathalie joined the Option Enfance team in 2012. The focus of her master’s project was occupational therapy intervention for children with ADHD. She is committed and passionate about working with children presenting with developmental delays. She particularly enjoys using interventions grounded in health promotion and prevention, including school-based stimulation workshops.

Patrick Major

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Graduate of the Université de Montréal in 1991, Patrick is the founder of the Option Enfance team. A pioneer in the field of pediatric early intervention, Patrick is known for his humanist values and his desire to change social perceptions about the integration of children with disabilities. Patrick is also known for his involvement with many parent associations as a consultant and resource person. Patrick is distinguished by his down-to-earth approach, his extensive experience and his sensitivity towards families.

Sophie Plourde

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Sophie graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2002. With a varied and rich professional background, including working in Northern Quebec for several years, she joined our team in January 2016. Now living in Mont-Tremblant, she brings novelty by serving the beautiful Laurentians region. Jovial and warm, she devotes a great love to her profession which she practices with passion, sensitivity, creativity and resourcefulness.

Lauren Wheatley

As a 2019 graduate of McGill University, Lauren joined the Option Enfance team in November 2019. During her university career, Lauren completed several placements in pediatrics, including one with Option Enfance. Lauren’s passion for working with children, her playful attitude and her creativity make her a devoted therapist who is committed to improving the well-being and functioning of children experiencing difficulties.

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