Who is it for?    

If you are the parent of an infant, toddler, school-age child or adolescent and are asking yourself these kinds of questions:

  • You would like to know if it is necessary to consult an occupational therapist because you are concerned about your child's development.

  • You would like suggestions of activities to help support your child in different areas of his or her development.

  • You are currently on a waiting list for occupational therapy services in the public system or at a private clinic and would like a quick opinion on how to support your youngster in the meantime.

  • You would like to obtain an activity program for a specific skill your child needs to develop.

  • Your child presents with a minor delay in his or her development that does not require sustained occupational therapy intervention, but you would still like recommendations.

  • Your financial resources are limited, but you would like to offer your child the best.

For schools, daycares and community organizations:

If your organization has limited financial resources, but the advice of an occupational therapist is required for a child or a group of children:

  • Should I be concerned about that child's development?

  • Should my organization request occupational therapy services?

  • Would this child be eligible for a grant to integrate a child with a disability into a school or daycare setting?

  • How can I help support my child in different areas of his or her development (sensory, motor, cognitive, independence, play, learning...)? What activities do you recommend?

  • My organization's staff would like information on how to navigate the public health-care system (CLSCs, etc.) or private clinics.

  • My organization's staff would like an online training.

This innovative service was created to answer all these questions and many more.

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