In 1996, the clinic Option Enfance: Occupational Therapy-Consulting was born. Patrick Major saw an important need for occupational therapy services to be offered in the child’s natural environment. He therefore decided to create a clinic that offers its services in the Laval and North Shore regions. Given the large demand, the team has grown throughout the years and now serves the South Shore, Laurentians and Island of Montreal.  



Our team of experienced occupational therapists uses a community approach by working in the child’s environment, either at home, at daycare or at school. Therefore, no therapy is carried out in a clinic setting, only in the child’s natural environment. Over the years, the team has developed a strong expertise working in the school environment.


This novel approach has several advantages as:

  • The child does not have to adapt to a new environment;

  • The equipment used, for the most part, is familiar to the child and available in their environment;

  • The school/daycare team is directly involved in the intervention process;

  • Parents do not have to travel to appointments;

  • The real challenges of everyday life are made more apparent;

  • Goals are more quickly generalized and achieved.

Option Enfance is unique as it offers exceptional pediatric occupational therapy services, where communication between caregivers is central and parental involvement is pivotal. The members of our team are driven by the desire to see each child reach their full potential by developing tools, with them and their families, to face their daily challenges in each of their living environments.


As pioneers in occupational therapy services in schools and daycare centers, Option Enfance members also offer their expertise for screening, intervention and workshops in these settings.

Phone: (514) 990-1596   /   info@optionenfance.com   / Services at home, daycare and school

Occupational therapist for kids in the sectors of North shore of Montreal and Montreal

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